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Veterinary Sutures Logo15+ Years of Excellence in Veterinary Sutures

Located in Florida, Veterinary Sutures is a brand of the renowned manufacturer of surgical sutures SUTUMED CORP. Our suture & mesh products are manufactured with the same care that we produce sutures for human beings.

Our experience and innovation in the surgical suture market have allowed us to expand our portfolio of suture and wound closure to provide the best product to the veterinarian. We focus on offering the best alternative for wound closure that guarantees easy use and better recovery for the patient. When you choose our product, you can have confidence that you are contributing to your patient’s smooth recovery.

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We offer our products to the world-wide market, including the USA. We manufacture various different types of absorbable and non-absorbable sutures, as well as wound closure devices for the veterinary market on a global scale.

All of our products use high-quality raw materials in the manufacturing process. Our process maintains quality as well as safety, giving our customers a high-quality, high-performance product and peace of mind that their pet is being taken care of.

Our corporate office is located in Fort Meyers, Florida. This provides us with a strategic location for world-wide distribution of our suture products. More specifically, this allows us to offer our products to the USA. We’ve been selling our products to veterinarians all over the USA for over 15 years.

Our experience and innovation in the surgical suture market has allowed us to expand our portfolio of high-quality suture and wound closure devices. This ensures that veterinarians across the US have access to and are using the best possible product while they are caring for pets.

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Veterinary Sutures in the USA

veterinary surgical suturesOur Veterinary Surgical Sutures

We make a variety of suture and surgical mesh products, including:

  • Absorbable Veterinary Sutures
  • Non-Absorbable Veterinary Sutures
  • Wound Closure Devices
  • Polypropylene Surgical Mesh

We use high-quality raw material to manufacture our surgical sutures and surgical mesh to guarantee optimal performance in surgery.

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